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Aberfoyle Market Rent Did Not Increase In 2017

While reading the latest edition of the Pioneer I noticed that an article by Anne Day indicated that “the recent rental hikes placed on the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market put it at risk of closing“. Since I had written a previous article (here) stating that the rent was NOT going up I immediately checked my facts (since I was worried I might have made a mistake). As it turns out my original article was correct, the rent being paid by the market for the use of the ORC is not increasing for the 2017 season.

To make sure we were on the same wavelength I emailed Anne and she graciously sent me a reply to make sure the facts are clear (see her email below). I think the confusion in the community may be due to the fact that any vendors at the market that utilize cooking appliances will have to have their equipment inspected by the fire department to ensure safety (at their own cost).

Hopefully this puts this issue to rest once and for all with everyone confident that the actual rent for the ORC was not increased for 2017.

Remember: the market is open EVERY Saturday from 8am to 1pm and is located in the Optimist Recreation Centre, next to the Puslinch Public Library and the Puslinch Community Centre. These three buildings are all part of the Puslinch Community Park, which has a large parking lot at 23 Brock Rd South, Puslinch, Ontario. Be sure to come out and support your local farmers and businesses.

For more information visit the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market website at aberfoylemarket.ca

Kevin Johnson.

The thrust of the piece was that after reading the Wellington Advertiser, I, like many other residents of Puslinch, was concerned that the market was going to close. I did check in with the Chair of the market’s board to find out what was happening and sent a copy of the article before it went to print.

It was not my intention to mislead anyone. The main message I wanted to convey was that the market was alive and well. But the bottom line is that with the Council decisions as they stand right now, it is going to cost the market more to operate in the coming year.

— Anne Day

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