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Puslinch approves video recording of council meetings

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by Mike Robinson.

Puslinch Township is moving ahead with a plan to record council meetings.

On July 19, councillors agreed to proceed with steps for video recording council meetings.

Mayor Dennis Lever said the video portion proposed was a low-cost option of roughly $500.

Lever said the Puslinch process will mirror the way the Town of Minto began recording its meetings and uploading them to YouTube.

Council John Sepulis said, “I agree with this 100 per cent” and added council should also budget to replace the current microphones at the council table.

Councillor Ken Roth added “as much as I hate being on camera, I think it is something which is necessary.”

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  1. Bravo to your Council for recording your meetings AND making them readily available to your constituents via YouTube. How community-oriented and refreshingly progressive!

    Accessibility of meeting “minutes” will be good viewing, and I’m not even a resident, yet, but am searching for an out-of-Toronto location for my small business and Puslinch is now on my list.

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