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Puslinch Mom Makes Every Day Count with Her Kids this Summer

Alright…I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety thinking the kids were going to be home all summer long. Being a working mom, I had nothing planned, no vacations, no play dates, or camps. I knew their excitement of summer holidays was going to turn into “I’m bored”, “we have nothing to do…”, and start bickering and fighting over little things.

So, an idea sparked at 3am, somehow all ideas come when I’m half a sleep and too lazy to even think to execute…but not this one.

Kids love YouTubers, so why not let them be one and be inspired by their own actions and spread a positive message. With that in mind, we are starting a family project called Fun Day, Every day!
Whether we are out and about or just at home, the girls will share how to stay positive, be creative and to make every day count.

Check out some of the ways to keep your kids happy, safe and busy during the summer holidays.

by Minu Kahlon-Basi

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