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Puslinch Council Disappointed With MOECC Response

by Mike Robinson.

Council members are disappointed with the response by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) regarding the way precipitation data is incorporated into annual monitoring reports prepared on behalf of Capital Paving and Nestle Waters Canada.

In a letter to Puslinch council Mili New, director of the MOECC West Central Region stated “Neither Permit to Take Water issued to Nestle Waters Canada nor Capital Paving actually requires the inclusion or assessment of precipitation data. However, consultants who are preparing the annual monitoring reports required under many permits often find this type of data to be useful in interpreting changes in groundwater and surface water levels. lt helps the consultants to differentiate changes caused by the permitted water taking from those that are due to weather conditions. Accordingly, consultants’ assessments usually consider data gathered from one or more nearby weather stations.”

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