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MPP Arnott Launches Website For Wellington-Halton Hills Constituents

Ted Arnott New Website

After many weeks of development, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott has launched a new, up-to-date website to better inform and communicate with constituents.
“We decided our website needed an upgrade, in terms of both format and content,” Mr. Arnott said. “Our intention was to make it modern, helpful, readily accessible, and easy-to-use.”
At www.tedarnottmpp.com, there is a wealth of new information about Provincial Government programs and services.

Some of the information includes how to order a new birth certificate, how to renew a health card, how to access home and community care, and how to register a business name. There is also information about student assistance programs, Ontario’s labour laws, social services, as well as other Government programs.

“I sincerely hope that people in our Riding will find our new website interesting and informative‎, and that they will continue to provide me with their thoughts and suggestions on matters involving the Provincial Government,” Mr. Arnott concluded.

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