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A Young Man From Puslinch We Can All Be Proud Of


Future Insulation Systems Inc. along with 3 Step Recruitment are running a backpack for the homeless campaign which is an initiative delivering backpacks to the homeless in several areas throughout the GTA over the next couple of weeks. This young man from Puslinch threw in his support right away.

Bryson has always shown empathy towards the homeless so when his Mom heard of this backpack initiative she asked Bryson if he wanted to help. His response was an immediate YES and he even asked if he could use his own money to buy what was needed.

He went shopping with the what-to-get list and he had no problem paying for some of the necessities one might need. He even got a little extra stating that “a girl will need a hair brush and if they have no place to go at night they will need a flashlight to see in the dark!”.

Thank you Bryson for your huge heart…you are growing up to be a fine young man and a great example for all of us to follow.

Krista Godinho

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