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Do You Have Any Books Or Photos From SS#12 From The Late 1950’s To Early 1960’s?

old photos

We have recently received a request from Puslinch citizens who moved away years ago. They have lost all their precious photos in a house fire and are hoping to find some class photos and general pictures from SS#12 from the late 1950s to early 1960s. We have put them in touch with all the usual suspects and are hoping the general public may have some photos they could scan and email to them or old books they would be willing to sell to them.

You can either contact us here at PuslinchToday or Bill & Roberta Craine directly by emailing: [email protected]

In our email exchanges they have talked with such fond memories of their childhood here in puslinch that I’d really like to get them pictures if we can! Thanks to everyone who is looking and offering help.

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