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Puslinch Council Passes 2018 Budget

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The Council of the Township of Puslinch approved its 2018 Operating and Capital Budget
with a 3.0% tax increase. For the typical Puslinch residence of $577,500, the increase represents a
$28.00 annual increase. The increase per $100,000 of assessment value is approximately $4.85 annually.

Taking into account the County of Wellington’s 2018 Budget and the 2018 Education Tax Rate, the
blended tax impact for the typical Puslinch residence of $577,500 is 1.67% or $92.43 annually. The
blended tax increase per $100,000 of assessment value is approximately $16.01 annually.

“Puslinch Council has passed a responsible budget that continues to focus on our key priorities,”
commented Mayor Lever.

2018 Budget Highlights

  • Over $827,000 invested in roads and bridges to maintain a safe and efficient transportation network across the Township.
  • Improvements to Forestell Road and Victoria Road.
  • Contributions of $361,100 into the legal contingency reserve to set aside funds for the unknown financial implications associated with the requirement to offer Township employees classified
    by OMERS as an “other than continuous full‐time employee” voluntary enrolment in the OMERS
    Pension Plan.
  • Asset Management Plan Revamp.
  • Facility improvements in the Municipal Office, Puslinch Community Centre, and Parks Shed.

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