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Local Puslinch Resident Celebrates 125th Blood Donation

Gary Will 125th donation of blood

On Saturday, April 14th inside the blood clinic in Guelph a small gathering of friends were getting ready to celebrate Gary Will’s 125th donation of blood. Gary and his mom (Pat) live in Mini Lakes and thought that this milestone should be shared with a few people that they know from the surrounding area.

As Gary put it “this was just another day for him” however, his mom thought it was an achievement that should be shared. Some friends from Duff’s church were also in attendance for this event.

He started donating blood when he was 17 because it just seemed to be the right thing to do. It also feels good to give back to the community. That was the same feeling he had when watching his Grandma and Dad give blood many years ago at the Hamilton clinic.

Did you know that it takes about fifteen minutes to give blood depending on how hydrated you are? Did you know you can only donate blood every three months? So if donating blood is something you are thinking about doing, I know for a fact that the Canadian Blood Services Clinic at 130 Silvercreek Pkwy would be more than happy to help you out (1-888-236-6283).

Margaret Hauwert

Gary Will 125th donation of blood

Gary Will 125th donation of blood

Brenda Law, Jim Watson (with wife Pat) are also blood donors and were there to lend their support.

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