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For Lamb Leftovers, Follow British Cooks!

lamb leftovers

We don’t often see leftover lamb at Valensbrae, but just the same, we like to keep a few recipes on hand, just in case.

The same rules of food safety apply to leftover lamb as any other type of cooked meat. Cool lamb at room temperature and then pop it in the fridge in a well-sealed container.

Cooked lamb can be safely stored in the fridge for up to 3 days or frozen for up to two months. Before using frozen lamb however, make sure that it’s been fully defrosted – and with other cooked meats, don’t re-freeze anything not used.

Leftover lamb, wrapped in foil, can simply be warmed-up in a 325 degree oven. Allow 15 minutes for medium-rare and a full 20 minutes for medium. Before serving, allow the lamb to rest in the foil for an additional 15 minutes.

British cooks swear by leftover lamb in shepherd’s pie. And if going that route, make sure you stay true to the recipe with no added ingredients except a dash of Worcestershire sauce for some bite.

If you have both leftover lamb AND potatoes then try this mock shepherd’s pie from the BBC Good Food blog. It’s quick, tasty and avoids having to peel, boil and smash potatoes.

This recipe is for 2, so you’ll need to scale-up for more servings or adjust for on how much leftover lamb you have on hand.


Leftover Lamb & Potato Pie

Serves: 2

Serve with green veggies, such as peas or beans


  • 2 C of leftover lamb (about 12-14 ounces)
  • ½ C of leftover gravy (or just use stock to moisten)
  • 1 C of leftover potatoes
  • ½ C sharp cheese
  • 2T of breadcrumbs mixed with a few herbs


Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Leftover lamb needs to be chopped or better minced in a food processor. Place lamb in a single ovenproof dish, or 2 individual oven-proof bowls.

Pour in some gravy, or a bit of stock to moisten. Crumble the leftover potatoes, place over meat.

Mix cheese and herbed breadcrumbs together and scatter over potatoes. Adding a dollop of butter on tops increasing the browning.

Bake for 30 mins until golden on top and bubbling around the edge.

Valensbrae Sheep Farm offers farm-gate sales of pasture raised, grass fed lamb. Frozen lamb will be available fall 2019 and sold by the individual cut or by whole or half lamb. Now accepting pre-orders.
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