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“Safe on 6” Traffic Campaign Cracking Down on Unsafe Drivers

highway 6

The “Safe on 6” traffic safety campaign hit the road today in an effort to focus on enforcement and raise road safety awareness, as the OPP works to reduce the number of serious crashes on Highway 6.

The 480-kilometre long highway stretches from Port Dover (Norfolk County) and Hamilton in the south, through Wellington and Grey Counties, and winding through Bruce Peninsula before ending at Highway 17 in the north. Highway 6 is a major artery for commuters and commercial traffic alike.

Last year, there were 1065 collisions on Highway 6, with 5 fatalities and 173 crashes that resulted in injury. The two-day “Safe on 6” campaign is designed to deal with motorists whose unsafe driving behaviours are putting lives and property at risk.

Officers from 5 detachments in the Highway 6 corridor will join colleagues from the OPP Highway Safety Division and the Ministry of Transportation in an effort to enforce the law and educate motorists about the importance of driving safely.

“Highway 6 is a busy corridor and it’s only going to get busier as summer approaches, with an increase in vacationers and commercial traffic. The OPP, along with our public safety partners, is urging motorists to follow the rules of the road to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely” – Inspector Shawn Johnson – OPP West Region Traffic and Marine Manager.