Coyote Encountered At McCrodan Tract

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Hey local friends. I just had a very scary coyote encounter at the McCrodan Tract on Watson btn 34 and 36. I was aggressively followed by a large healthy looking coyote for almost 2 km of the trail (Basically from the bottom of the loop back to Watson) It did not retreat despite my very loud screaming and the big sticks I was shaking at it. It barked, bared its teeth and lunged repeatedly and circled. I have walked this trail hundreds of times and seen coyotes dozens. This is NOT normal behaviour. Please be careful if you use that trail. It was over almost 2 km of trail so I was definitely very far from any den sites and it still kept coming.

PS big thanks to Janet Jaklitsch-Willard for talking me through it and listening to my shrieking. I am sure it was not fun from your end.

Allison Bureau

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