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History Corner: August 14, 1888


August 14, 1888

A very serious accident happened on the farm of John Bond last week,
when little Willie Plant came nearly losing his life. It appears the little
fellow was scuffling turnips and when turning the horse at the end of the
row, the horse became entangled in the harness and trying to extricate
himself, fell with all his weight on the boy.

A lady who was passing by at
the time gave the alarm. Several women, armed with butcher’s knives,
were soon on the scene. Confusion then reigned supreme. One thought if
the lines were cut, the horse could get up and mistaking the tugs for the
lines, started sawing away. Another attempted to pry the beast with a
rail. The third lady concluded that nothing but the horse’s blood would
atone for the crime and set about hunting his jugular vein in the region of
his tail.

In due time, the horse was got to his feet. The little boy was
picked up in an unconcious state, covered with dirt, weeds and horse hair,
he being literally transplanted. Dr. McIntyre was immediately sent for,
under whose care he is doing nicely.