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Seeking Better High Speed Internet In Puslinch

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Puslinch Needs Much More High-speed Internet – and we need some local people to help make it happen.

For a while now high-speed internet has been a necessity for things like telecommuting, for successful home-based businesses, and for the consumption of internet-based entertainment. With the future delivery of important online services such as healthcare, our reliance on high-speed internet will only increase.

In Puslinch, not enough or us have access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet. While we’re not unique in this plight, it’s very frustrating to realize that within a few kilometers of where any of us live in Puslinch, there is excellent fibre-based internet at reasonable prices. If your household is like mine, you’ve tried various services over the years only to find the quality of service lacking and/or the cost exorbitant.

After speaking with friends, neighbours and some members of Puslinch Council, I decided it would be best to create a community-led (and Puslinch Council supported) committee to help tackle this issue in Puslinch. The purpose of the committee is quite simple: to accelerate the deployment of high-speed internet in Puslinch. The committee will have a professional tone, will meet on a regular basis, and will actively advocate directly or indirectly to the government-funded organization “Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology” (SWIFT) and possibly to SWIFT’s preselected Telecom Services Providers. It will also look beyond SWIFT to identify ways to accelerate high-speed internet deployment. And, it will communicate with people in the township about our progress.

To start with, the two members of the committee are Puslinch Councillor John Sepulis and me. I am recently retired after over 35 years in the IT industry, including 16 years as a business co-founder and manager. We’re looking for additional committee members. Ideal members would have experience working with or for Telecom companies, or experience in a business or technical capacity relating to the supply of internet services, or would have expertise in communications and/or advocacy. Of course, members will need to be able to devote a few hours a month to working as a team in advancing our cause.

For more information and to express your interest in being a committee member, contact me on Facebook in the “What’s Happening Puslinch” public group.

Glenn James