Progress in Puslinch – June 1872


Having lately had occasion to visit the greater part of the Township of Puslinch and see some locations, not seen for many years past, I was really astonished at the material progress in wealth and improvement apparent on every side. New dwellings in lieu of the old and often battered logs – built of stone, brick and frame with colossal barns, outbuildings and stumping machines in almost every field evince the greatly improved condition of the community. The taste and elegance displayed especially deserve to be copied elsewhere to advantage.

Mr. James McLean of Morriston, with his efficient staff of assistants, has erected several fine structures this season and a good many more are underway. There can be no surer sign of prosperity or the reverse, than its house buildings, more especially in rural parts and this district may, without vanity, feel proud of the position in the march of progress it has attained.



Puslinch, June 1, 1872