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‘Weird’ Puslinch cat makes it to quarter-finals of America’s Favourite Pet contest

Steve the cat!

Steve the cat’s human family will tell you that he is very weird. So weird, that his little quirks helped him make it to the quarter-finals of America’s Favourite Pet.

He runs around with grapes that hide his face, he sits on other cats like a human would sit on a chair and when he hasn’t finished his food, he will cover it with Ziploc bags, underwear, envelopes or anything nearby.

“I’ve never met a cat so unusual. I’ve never been so smitten by somebody like Steve,” said Daina Makinson of Puslinch, who adopted Steve last September.

“Sometimes it makes us laugh so much, we don’t have time to get the camera to take a picture.”

Makinson felt entering the competition would be a fun way to celebrate Steve’s weirdness. She said while Steve has made it to the quarter-finals, there are still over 500 cats that Steve is up against.

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