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Young Puslinch Entrepreneur Starts Business During Pandemic

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Puslinch resident inquiring if PuslinchToday could help publicize a new business his son had recently started. Of course I immediately sent the standard response saying we would add them our free local business directory.

Once I found out his son was 10 years old and already had a website for his business, I thought a more thorough introduction to Puslinch would be in order. I asked if both he and his son could write a couple paragraphs describing the business and how a 10 year old became so entrepreneurial. We should all be proud of the dedication Owen is showing in his new endeavour.

Owen Keleher is 10 years old and lives in Puslinch. He seemed genuinely interested in entrepreneurship from a young age. We have some businesses in the family and Owen often asks me about them and how they are run. We often go to The Village restaurant for breakfast and chat about stuff. Owen thought it would be cool to start a business. I warned him that it’s a lot of work and the payoff is not guaranteed. He seemed to understand and has committed to the work and to the learning that goes along with it.

– G. Keleher, Owen’s Father

Mr. Johnson,

My name is Owen Keleher and I am a 10 year old entrepreneur that likes to play video games, sports like hockey and build computers. I live in Puslinch. I go to the library, go to the farmers market, played soccer when I was young, play tennis, skate on the rink at Puslinch, go to the Canada day party etc.

I got the business idea during Covid, a bit after I made my own computer – like 2 or 3 weeks after. I built a gaming system with my cousin and I learned a lot about computer parts: the fans, the ram, hard drive, video card and more. It also was fun to make a working computer that can play games, do school work and so much more.

My Dad is also an entrepreneur and I always wanted to be one too. After that, I wanted to do that for other kids like me. But I knew I had to do something more then make computers for people. A lot of people make computers so I needed to do something cool. So I got an idea that I will offer a custom vinyl wrap on the computer and put a sticker if they want it. They can choose what wrap and what to put on the sticker. In the process we had to make a website on wix and godaddy, we had to work on it for a month. It was way harder than I thought. Then we had to get a good sticker website and look for a vinyl wrap website. When we finished the website we needed to do some ads and now we are here.

– Owen Keleher, Owner,

BigOrigs Computer Sales

Please join me in congratulating the Kelehers and visiting Owen’s new business website at BigOrigs.com

Owen from BigOrigs.com