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Fibre Optic Internet Installation In Eastern Puslinch Underway


Standard Broadband Limited, a Canadian-based telecommunications carrier, is
currently installing fibre internet cable in the eastern portion of the Township of Puslinch, near
Morriston and Arkell. This work by Standard Broadband Limited will improve internet access in the

“Standard Broadband is the only provider expanding its network in Puslinch,” said Puslinch Mayor,
James Seeley. “Access to reliable, high-speed internet is necessary for the success of our local
businesses; our children’s education, and our residents’ everyday life.”

The Township of Puslinch and the citizen-driven Puslinch High-Speed Internet Committee are
committed to finding solutions to improve internet access in the township. The Committee has
engaged in various research activities, including internet mapping, community outreach, feasibility
studies, data collection and evaluation in order to support and encourage future internet service
providers to invest in Puslinch.

“Unreliable internet service has been an issue in Puslinch for a long time,” commented Glenn James,
Chair of the High-Speed Internet Committee. “The installation of fibre internet cable by Standard
Broadband is a big step in the right direction. We are dedicated to improving internet access in our
community and want to encourage additional internet service providers to undertake similar work in
the Township of Puslinch.”

Previously, the Township of Puslinch hired Clearcable, a telecommunications consulting firm, to help
develop strategies to expand high-speed internet networks in the area. The strategies developed by
Clearcable and the Township will support future provincial and federal internet service provider
funding applications.

The Standard Broadband expansion project is expected to be complete by October 2021. For more
information regarding the work Standard Broadband in undertaking, please visit