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Vitalii Luzan: Ukrainian Dancer Finding Hope

For Vitalii Luzan, dancing The Nutcracker Prince in his adopted country of Canada is a thrill.

The 25-year-old dance star from Mykolaiv left Ukraine in mid-January to dance on tour in Europe.

β€œAt the end of the tour, I flew to Paris to see friends and have a vacation. I was in France when war broke out in my country.”

There was no way for Luzan to get back home.

β€œI could not sleep knowing that my family was on the line of contact. My mother saw flying missiles and Russian helicopters. With no way to get home, I went to Poland where it was possible to live cheaply.” … Presently living in Morriston, near Guelph, Luzan says he is being helped by some kind people.

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