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Puslinch Residents Voice Concerns Over New Trucking HQ

Some letters from concerned citizens regarding the new Trucking HQ proposed for Puslinch:

As a local homeowner. I have deep concerns about the request for re-zoning to accommodate this truck terminal.
When I moved to puslinch, I spoke to the puslinch office staff about what would become of the area around Brock and gilmore. They told me what it was zoned for and it would not be changing. The water aquifer was the reason. Once the aquifer gets contaminated its over, meaning it would no longer be usable for human consumption. Then what? All the money in world will not fix the problem. The trucking gets sued and declares bankruptcy then what? Is this going to be the next love canal ? Let’s not take that chance, lets save our environment.

Very concerned citizen

– E Daniel

Do you know that Puslinch and specifically Aberfoyle has received a rezoning request to allow a trucking company to set up shop in our lovely Aberfoyle!!

This is a hard “NO” to this rezoning which needs to remain as is. What benefit does this offer our beautiful town….none. This would bring noise pollution, air pollution, truck traffic, contamination of our pure underground water source. Our lovely town would be the dumping ground for all the sewage and waste that these non-residents bring for us to contend with.

You are NOT WELCOME Wellington Trucking in our beautiful town of Aberfoyle. All my neighbours and friends who are long time residents here agree… go elsewhere… please… and leave our lovely town to grow as originally planned. This is not the place for Wellington Trucking. Aberfoyle needs more trees… not more trucks.

Respectfully submitted.

Sue Daniel

15 year resident and life long admirer of Aberfoyle.