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Puslinch Youth Advisory Committee Gives First Presentation To Council

Carter O’Driscoll and Katey Whaling give a presentation to Puslinch Council.

Township of Puslinch’s Youth Advisory Committee members Katey Whaling and Carter
O’Driscoll presented the Committee’s proposed logo and Committee Goals and Objectives to the
Township of Puslinch Council at a meeting held on March 22, 2023. The Committee members also made
a recommendation for drop-in roller skating at the Optimist Recreation Centre during the summer

Committee member O’Driscoll presented his winning proposed logo, for Council’s approval which
features linked hands in a circle to represent unity and collaboration. The linked hands symbolize
diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and convey the message that if we work together we can better achieve our common goals.

With a little assistance from staff, the Committee members also shared their proposed goals and
objectives, which include three events to promote youth engagement in the community.

In addition to their proposed logo and goals/objectives, Committee member Whaling presented the
Youth Advisory Committee recommendation that the Township offer drop-in roller skating during the
summer months at the Optimist Recreation Centre. With the ice removed from the rink during the
warmer months, the Committee members believe that adding drop-in roller skating could provide
another fun and active recreational opportunity for residents of all ages.

The Township of Puslinch Council expressed appreciation for the Youth Advisory Committee’s
presentation and praised their initiative and creativity. Mayor Seeley commended the Committee
members for their efforts in promoting youth engagement in the community, and expressed interest in
exploring the recommendation for drop-in roller skating at the Optimist Recreation Centre. Mayor
Seeley further stated the important role the Youth Advisory Committee will play in making
recommendations to Council regarding the programming opportunities youth would like to see within
the community.

The Township of Puslinch looks forward to continuing to work with the Youth Advisory Committee to
promote youth engagement and leadership in the community, and to explore new opportunities for
recreational activities for residents of all ages.