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“Our Corridor” – The Hypocrisy of the Puslinch Community Improvement Plan

The Puslinch Corridor Improvement Plan (CIP) outlines Vision and Goals. This corridor is made up of Aberfoyle and Morriston urban centres, as well as Brock Road, and of the mixed-use industrial areas.

One of its’ objectives is to facilitate and coordinate the transition of neighbourhoods and areas. (CIP pg. 3). When you follow all the links to the Township website, it is heartwarming to see the consistency of this vision:

“Within the next 10 years ‘Our Corridor’ will be integrated and transformed into an attractive, prosperous, and distinctive economic corridor. Residents, families, and visitors will come to ‘Our Corridor’, to shop, eat, socialize, celebrate, play, and explore. They will be able to move around safely through a network of roads, paths, and trails. Our corridor will be connected to its agricultural heritage, rural way of life, and local pride.”

Puslinch Design Guidelines outlines streetscape, quality and character of the corridor and it shows flowers, trees, and historical buildings. And it exhibits community pride and confirms why we moved here.

What it does not show are pictures of trucks!

“It has also been prepared with the view that, over time, small improvements throughout ‘Our Corridor’ will add up. While early implementation may result in a handful of on-the ground improvements, it is anticipated that revitalization, beautification, renewal, and economic activity will gain momentum over time.” CIP Pg. 2

We agree – and yet what is being considered? A rezoning from Secondary Agricultural / Highway Commercial to Industrial. Trucks, trucks and more trucks!

And with that comes over 150 employees, a 5.7-acre car parking lot, 21 loading bays and parking lots for 170 employee and 123 tractor and trailers. The consultants’ assessments for Wellington Motor Freight’s propose minimal to no noise, light, traffic or water impacts on the corridor or on surrounding communities. How can up to 170 new cars a day, back and forth, not have an impact on the unpaved road of Gilmour Road?

How can that be? And how can the vision and goal so proudly laid out for “The Corridor” be so easily thrown out, and for reasons we have yet to hear?

As stated on the township plans, these documents are “intended to be a living document(s) which can be revised at councils’ discretion to respond to the changing needs of the township.”

So, what has changed?

On behalf of OneAberfoyle, SAY NO to the rezoning of 128 Brock Rd S. and let’s build the community together that we all agree with.

– Lisa Ross

Puslinch Design Guidelines