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My Life With The CSA

Daina and Drumlin Farm

As a former Big City girl I had never heard of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) until I came to Puslinch. I have been wary of my ability to handle the amount and type of produce I might find in my box. So until today, I haven’t stuck my toe in the CSA water.

Drumlin Farm has been a big supporter of Puslinch Today since we launched and it’s inspired me to read more about it on their website.

So what I discovered is this:

  • there are different sizes available. There is even a small size for two to three people. Check!
  • the list of produce available by season is totally up my alley. There are a few ingredients that may challenge me but we are not talking anything unapproachable. Check!
  • the few items I haven’t cooked with before I see as as exciting. I have a few chefs in my family and this gives me an amazing opportunity to impress them! Check!

So here’s what I am going to do. I registered for a small CSA. And I am going to accept the challenge every week. To use everything in the basket and make it yummy for the two men in my household who are not veggie friendly!

Sort of a Julie and Julia project- have you read the book or seen the movie? I’m not a Julia nor even a Julie. I’m more like a Lucy or Ethel!

If you dare please follow my blog every week about my adventures with my Drumlin Farm CSA. I promise it will be a hoot!

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