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Recreation Committee Meeting – June16

Last night I attended the recreation committee meeting at the municipal offices. In attendance for the committee were Councillor Wayne Stokley as Chair and members Nichole Caswell, Tom Jefferson (Vice Chair) and June Williams. Deputy Clerk Donna Tremblay was present as Secretary of the meeting and did an excellent job. I was also very impressed to see that Mayor Lever and Councillor Roth were both in attendance in the gallery observing as members of the public.

The bulk of the meeting was spent in a very informal discussion that had the goal of setting the ‘2015 Goals and Objectives’ of the committee. At the end of this lengthy and thorough roundtable, the committee decided that their main objective for the year would be to encourage further contact and interaction with community partners. By working with these community groups the committee felt it would be possible to better promote the excellent activities we already have in Puslinch, as well as hopefully bring in new and engaging activities for both our youth and seniors. Working with the Y, Evergreen and InMotion were all mentioned as excellent partnering opportunities for Puslinch.

A topic that kept popping up throughout the evening was the issue of “branding”. Since this is a much bigger exercise and would have to involve the township, county, committees and deal with logos, signs, uniforms etc. it was put off the agenda for the time being.

During the brief discussion of the financial reports, Deputy Clerk Donna Tremblay was extremely happy to announce that the ORC had three new rink board advertisers! This is really good news and those involved in making this happen should be thanked and congratulated.

A highlight of the evening for me was during the discussion of the need to communicate better with the public. Committee member Tom Jefferson specifically mentioned that there may be an opportunity for this website to help with this challenge – a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with!

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