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Save the Monarchs

Each year, the students at The Little Country School spend the year learning about environmental issues. The one issue closest to Mrs. Flowers heart is trying to save the Monarch Butterfly. This little butterfly is on the brink of extinction and to some it may just be a butterfly but to the teacher and students at TLCS it represents so much more. We spend our year learning how to care for the environment, how to live the 4 Rs… reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish.

We learn how to make the earth a safer, cleaner place for not only the Monarch Butterflies but all creatures big and small. This year we had Save the Butterflies – No Spray signs made up for the grassy areas that surround our school, we have penned letters to Mayor Lever asking him to reconsider spraying toxic weed killer that kills the Milkweed Plant… Milkweed being the host plant for the Monarch and the only food that the Monarch caterpillar will consume.

So help spread the word.. put away weed killer and let the Milkweed grow so that some day we won’t only look at the Monarch Butterflies in Field Guide Books — it’s up to humans to do the right thing… we’ve yet to see an animal carrying around a bottle of weed killer.. we made the problem.. we can fix the problem


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  1. We’ve got about a dozen milkweeds growing this year between our garden and uncut field. I’d encourage everyone to leave them if they have them and plant them if they don’t!

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