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MPP Arnott updates Legislature on Morriston bypass

(Queen’s Park) – Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott is continuing to push the Ontario Government to commit to building the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass.

In a statement in the Ontario Legislature on September 16, Mr. Arnott once again reminded the Government about the importance of moving forward with the urgently needed project.

“On many occasions in recent years, I have called attention to the need for a highway bypass around the community of Morriston, in the township of Puslinch,” Mr. Arnott said. “Anyone who drives this route regularly knows that there is a traffic bottleneck through Morriston which is often kilometres long.”

This summer, a delegation, including Mr. Arnott and Township of Puslinch Mayor Dennis Lever met with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca at Queen’s Park to discuss the need for the project directly with the Minister.

“In June 23, at a meeting that my office arranged, we spoke with the Minister of Transportation here at Queen’s Park to further impress upon him the worsening congestion problem and the urgency of dealing with it,” Mr. Arnott informed the Legislature. “The minister committed to visiting Puslinch Township. True to his words, exactly a month later, on July 23, the minister came to Wellington-Halton Hills. I was glad to welcome him to our area.”

Mr. Arnott also recognized the efforts of Mayor Dennis Lever and Township Council.

“Mayor Dennis Lever and the council of the Township of Puslinch, the County of Wellington, and the Morriston Bypass Coalition have made a strong economic case for the Morriston bypass, and I want to thank them for their effective efforts,” he said.

“Today I call upon the minister to continue his best efforts, urging his colleagues on the government side to support this project as well. The Morriston bypass has been talked about for a generation. The time for talk is over,” Mr. Arnott concluded.

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