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Staying Active in Puslinch

A couple weeks ago, I achieved a personal best. A personal best in running! Now, let me tell you
something, I am by no means a runner; in fact, I actually don’t really enjoy running at all. BUT, I feel
powerful and free when I run. Come to think of it, I actually do my best “thinking” when I’m out running, so it’s very therapeutic for me 🙂

Now, one of the things that I actually enjoy about running (besides the stress relief) is where I get to run. Being a resident of Puslinch allows for many different options, but I’m lucky enough to have some
gorgeous trails that run through my neighbour’s property (and thankfully he’s a wonderful neighbour
who lets me these all these trails). The property used to be Crown Land, so there’s lots of space to roam
about. And even better, I get to bring my gorgeous Siberian Husky, Luka, with me. He’s a lot faster and can most definitely run for longer then I can, but he gets his exercise and I get mine too.

Staying Healthy - Nichole Caswell

I’ve tried running around a track, down the road or on a treadmill, but I find none of them really work for
me. The track and road seem never-ending and with the treadmill, I find that I’m constantly looking at the
time – which seems to be moving extra slow. But, with the hills, trees and turns that I (attempt to)
navigate through, I’m never bored. I’ve got my dog by my side (until he spots a bunny) and at least 50
acres of land to run through – the joys of living in the country.

So, I challenge you to get out and go for a walk/run in Puslinch this weekend. Some of my favourite trails are:

  • Puslinch Tract (401 and 32 – near Puslinch Lake)
  • Vance Tract (on 34)
  • Fletcher Conservation Area (on Gore Rd)
  • My own backyard! (you’ll need a personal invitation to join me on this one)

I use my dog to help motivate me because, honestly, if I don’t get him out for a run everyday, there will be
mass destruction in my home. If you don’t have a dog, use your partner, your friend or your kids! Hiking
can be SO MUCH FUN for kids! My daughter (who recently turned 6) LOVES to go out with me. It can be
fun for the whole family!! And when you combine exercise and fun, everyone wins 🙂

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