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The Dirty Apron Bistro & Store to open next year in Arkell

via Guelph Mercury

dirty apron
Stephen Goyda, owner of The Dirty Apron in Arkell, stands in his future bistro/market. The 37-year-old hopes to open the store in the spring or summer next year. Photo & Article courtesy the Guelph Mercury.

ARKELL — It seems there’s been a misunderstanding around the reopening of the Arkell store, says Stephen Goyda.

The 37-year-old man from Arkell intends to reopen the former country store as a local market and bistro in the spring or summer of next year. But after announcing his plans to the small community southeast of Guelph, he said he’s received some pushback from a few local residents.

They seem to think the new business is going to be a bar or nightclub, Goyda said. This is far from what he plans for the business.

He wants to create a space of fellowship and camaraderie, not drunkenness and debauchery. The new business has tentatively been called The Dirty Apron…

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