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Puslinch Tax Budget Protest. Every Voice Makes a Difference.

You can still have a say in what Puslinch Councillors do with your tax dollars this year. If you are unable to attend the public meeting at the Council Chambers at the Township office on Thursday, January 21 at 7pm you can send councillors an email with your objections.

To make it easy for you we have created a sample email you can simply cut and paste or customize to express your own views:

I strongly object to the proposals you have made for this year’s budget. With so many price increases expected this year in our household, such as food prices and hydro, we cannot withstand another large increase in property taxes. Such an increase, combined with an unacceptably large rise in Wellington County taxes will place an undue burden on my household.

Please do what you promised to do when you were voted in as a Puslinch Township Councillor; manage our money prudently. I ask that you consider the well being of the families who live here and trusted you to do what is best for us. Please go back to the table and reduce budget increases to at or below the rate of inflation (1.08% in 2015). I am counting on you to do that.

Thank you.

Here are the links to councillors email addresses and phone numbers for your convenience:

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