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Wellington County Taxes On The Rise – Another Hit For Puslinch Residents

Since we’ve been talking so much about taxes lately I felt it necessary to also publicize the large increases in your tax bill that are coming from Wellington County in the next few years.

To make my point clearly I thought it would be easiest to simply publish the approximate effect the county tax increases would have on my personal home taxes over the next 5 years (keep in mind this is just the county portion of my property tax bill):

Year County Tax
My Tax
2016 %2.8 $123
2017 %6.2 $280
2018 %4.9 $235
2019 %3.3 $166
2020 %3.8 $198
5 Year Increase: $1002

These are EXACTLY the types of unsustainable tax increases the candidates in the last election promised we would not see. In the Wellington Advertiser article about these increases Wellington County CAO Scott Wilson is quoted as saying that other than the 6.2% increase, the rest are all “inflationary budgets“. I’m not sure where he is coming from, but in 2015 inflation was 1.08% in Canada so I don’t believe projected annual tax increases of 4.9% and 3.8% meet the definition of “inflationary” increases.

The County portion of your property tax is by far the largest portion (greater than 60%). If you are unhappy with a 23% increase in your taxes over the next 5 years you need to speak up now and let them know. Contact Don McKay, your county councillor and tell him you’re not happy.

Don Mckay

Don McKay: 519.822.2984 or email him by clicking here (You will have to scroll down to Don McKay’s picture and click on the email link to send him a message).

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