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Neighbours Concerned Over Potential Impact Of Dirty Apron in Arkell

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by Mike Robinson.

ABERFOYLE – Who’d have thought a Dirty Apron could cause so much controversy in Arkell?

A near-capacity crowd filled the Puslinch council chamber on Feb. 3 to offer input on a liquor licence application at 599 Arkell Road.

Marny Mason and David Prior stated they were at the meeting representing many residents in the Arkell community.

Mason said residents first became aware of the development through a posted liquor sales licence application on the door of 599 Arkell Road.

“It was a bit of a shock to all of us; we hadn’t known anything about it,” she said.

“We all met around the mailbox as we do frequently and discussed what we should do about it.”

A petition, which made the rounds of the hamlet, was signed by 80 individuals…

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