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Electricity Rates – Adding Yet Another Insult To Injury

First we’re told we DIDN’T USE ENOUGH electricity so prices have to go up (read full article here), and now I get the flyer below in my mail telling me to CONSERVE ENERGY AND USE EVEN LESS – complete with coupons and rebates. I’m wondering how much this flyer and the ‘energy conservation’ programs it details will cost us (and by extension how much more our electricity rates will rise).

My understanding is that we are currently GIVING AWAY OUR EXCESS ENERGY to the United States (sometimes even paying other jurisdictions to take our excess power) and yet the province raises our rates while encouraging us to use less. Government logic at its best.

In my opinion this is just another example of how this Liberal Ontario government has completely lost the trust of the people of Ontario and is unable to effectively govern our province.

Kathleen Wynne should resign and everyone who has anything to do with the energy file in Ontario should be fired.

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