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Community Celebration & Potluck Planned For June 24th


Inspired by a letter in the Wellington Advertiser asking “What special event will you host to mark this historic year” I decided to put together a Community Celebration to be held June 24. I am doing this jointly with James Seeley, who recently went door to door in the village of Morriston asking residents for their support for protecting the two Morriston parks after rumours that the township was considering selling them. James had taken the signed petitions to council in February and was assured that the parks would not be sold, but changes may be made to accommodate the growing sport of soccer. James encountered many people in the village who had lived there for several years, but whom he had never met before.

Times have changed in the village since the days when almost everyone in the village and surrounding community would gather at the ball park to watch a weekend tournament, socialize and chat and enjoy the outdoors. Afterwards, there was the trip to the variety store to purchase a treat to enjoy with friends.

Retired people would congregate at the local post office waiting for the mail to be sorted, so they would have an opportunity to socialize. I can remember as a teenager this repeated occurrence. One day when the mail arrived early I announced to my father that I was going to sort that mail really fast and be finished before anyone could say “Is the mail sorted yet”. My father calmly responded, “What would be the point of that, tomorrow they will just arrive earlier.”

The garage was the place for the guys to hang out and find who had done what to improve the looks and performance of their cars and trucks. Before the coming of cell phones, “The Hunger Hut” in Morriston was the place for the teenagers to hang out. They would leave news of where they were heading and what parties were happening to be passed along to others.

In 1967 the Township hosted a large 3 day event which started on Friday, June 23. The weekend celebration program is published in the Annals of Puslinch 1950 – 1967. Events included baseball games, community dance, variety show, a large parade, public school competitions, horseshoes, football, tug-of-war, square dance and fiddle competitions, variety show and even GO GO dancing. There was a community church service on Sunday. A ticket for the weekend cost $1.

Although, there are a variety of community events throughout the township which occur throughout the year to encourage communities to come together, we felt it would be fitting to host a special event to mark Canada’s 150th birthday. We have received positive feedback and would like to stress that this event is not just for the people of Morriston. It is open to anyone who would like to attend. Perhaps you have fond memories of growing up in this community, perhaps you are new to the community or perhaps you would just like to come out and enjoy a potluck lunch and socialize. The event is open to anyone who wants to attend.


A celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and our gratitude for green space will be held June 24th 2017 at 12pm in Morriston Meadows Park, Currie Drive. A great opportunity to socialize with friends, meet neighbours and friends of the community. This invitation is extended to anyone interested in attending.

Starting off with a potluck lunch followed by social time, games for all ages, including informal family baseball, basket ball, soccer and tug of war. We encourage children to decorate their, bikes and wagons for a mini parade.

Please bring:

  • food/beverages and plates and cutlery for the potluck
  • lawn chairs, lawn games, baseball, basketball and soccer equipment
  • tems of historical interest or notices of upcoming events

If you would like to help in anyway or to form a committee to plan children’s activities please contact Cheryl McLean 226 780 7839 or James Seeley 519-760 9190 or post a message on the Morriston/Puslinch, Ontario facebook account.

Rain or unsuitable weather date: Aug. 6 at 12pm (check facebook for weather cancellation)


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