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The Return Of ‘Baby’ The Baltimore Oriole

baltimore oriole

So listen up to this incredible story. Last year, just as the orioles were fledging, we had 3 days where the weather got super cold and we had torrential rain. One baby oriole had just fledged from her nest and had been taught by her parents to come to our oriole feeder for grape jelly. We gave her the unimaginative name of Baby. Through those 3 days we kept her alive, though she was soaked and chilled to the bone, by always having one well in the feeder filled with jelly though the rain washed it away, almost immediately. Baby got into the habit of landing on the cement window sill and peering in. Sometimes she would have to tap the window to get our attention. She would miserably wait for us to come out with the grape jelly and fill the feeder.

Baby made it and matured into a beautiful female oriole with a tell tale brown smudge between her eyes. She migrated in the fall with all our blessings. We were sad to see her go but ever so glad our lives had intertwined with her’s.

Well, today I was having my coffee and Baby came to the window sill and peered in. Yes, there was that tell tale brown smudge between her eyes. Rick brought the grape jelly out and filled up the feeder. She gobbled up the grape jelly and flew off.

It is going to be a great birding year! If you, too, would like to attract and feed orioles go to our website at www.puslinchnaturallynativetrees.ca and find the oriole article. Good luck.

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  1. We had our first oriole – a beautiful male – back on April 29th, at least a week earlier than usual. He too was sitting on the rail outside our kitchen window, at the spot that the jelly/nectar feeders typically hang, so no doubt a fledgling also returned!

    They are only here for barely 4 months, enjoy watching them immensely.

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