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Puslinch Councillors Encourage Natural Gas Service Expansion

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Councillors here are encouraging natural gas distributors to expand local service in Puslinch.

On May 3, councillors reviewed information from Ontario infrastructure minister Bob Chiarelli, who announced the launch of a $100-million Natural Gas Grant Program to help expand access to more communities in Ontario. Chiarelli, stated the purpose of the grant program is to help improve energy affordability and support economic development, including for farms and agribusinesses in rural Ontario.

In the correspondence Chiarelli explained the grant program is aimed at projects extending pipelines to new communities.

Funding applications must be made by natural gas distributors or suppliers. In addition, participating communities must indicate their support for gaining access to natural gas through a council or band council resolution….

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  1. I have a suspicion we would all like the choice, not just Ellis Rd residents.

    Having been forced from oil to propane by insurance companies refusing to provide coverage without jumping through some expensive hoops (replacement of 12 year old oil tank regardless of its condition)….am hopeful a more economical, reliable fuel is one day an option for us.

  2. Why are Ellis Rd residents only mentioned???
    The township must be fair and make natural gas available to ALL residents. I am sure we would all benefit the switch from propane/oil to natural gas. Please don’t just make the issue for Ellis Rd. Residents. Help all Puslinch residents get affordable fuel source.

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