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Want Fibre Optic Network Internet in Puslinch? Fill Out the Survey!

biz october 2017

SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology

High speed is a basic infrastructure and SWIFT is a project underway to connect everyone through an ultra high speed fibre optic network across the region. Please complete and share the following Business Survey or the Residential and Farm Survey to ensure the best roll-out possible.


  1. We live on County Road 35. Explornet sucks and everyone in our township has to put up with there crappy service. Tell how much so I can sign up.

  2. We live off of Lake Rd close to the OMAR. Unless you’re in direct line with a tower Internet is almost non existent. Even the ones that have good reception are starting to see the slow down with all the usage.

    We need something reliable and fast.

  3. Hello fellow Puslinch neghbors,

    I’m am from Watson road closer to county road 34 and our xplornet and cellular server is very weak
    signal levels on xplornet are around -8 db and that translates to 3 bars maximum on a good day.
    I have fido/Rogers for cell and 6 gb data plan and this speed is around 12-20 mb per sec however it is limited data
    The reality is I’m capped where I live to get decent internet and can not enjoy using it because its so damn slow.

    The xplornet LTE service started out as 10mb download and 3mb upload with a 250 gb limit. decent deal for 60 dollars….that if it ever ran fullspeed! I am currently online at 1.23 mb download and 0.70 upload.
    ~465ms ping My internet is too slow for VOIP
    phone, or youtube as well or spotify.
    Also can not play my new shiny Xbox one because of how slow the connection is. Updates such as 482mb in size will take me days to complete and then the Xbox one gives up with an error. It feels so depressing to support xplornet with my 69.99 dollars for this excuse of an connection and tax and to suffer with a connection that is for us, Slower than freedom mobiles 35dollar unlimited internet through cellular

    I would glady donate to a fund or pay some installation fees and help install the equipment to get hooked up

    You need to kick xplornent out of th town I am ready to get this service hooked up

    1. To everyone commenting here or on our facebook page, please be sure to fill out the actual survey as those in charge will most likely not see the comments posted here. – Kevin.

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