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Where To Get Takeout In Puslinch And Why You Should


One of our mandates at Puslinch Today has always been to support local business. We certainly never thought that a time like this would come when it would be so important to help our Puslinch neighbours of industry.

Let’s look at the restaurants here. Yes, they are offering takeout and you may think that is business as usual. But having spoken to a few owners it’s just scraping the surface of cost of rent, staff, utilities etc.

Consider the domino effect on the economy. Restaurant owners purchase many of their products from farmers, a lot of them regional. Then there are there are the distributors of supplies and other products they may sell. The companies that deliver the goods. And they hire local people to staff the business. What would happen if this pandemic changes the landscape and our restaurant population diminishes?

When we moved here thirteen years ago we fell in love with every food purveyor in the Township. My family has now adopted a takeout day each week to support the restaurants in Puslinch. If you are able, please consider doing the same. We have vibrant, diverse options here and it you love these establishments it will be up to the community to rally round and help them stay in business so they can continue to feed us, and support their own families and well being.

Here’s where you can get takeout in Puslinch:


Union Market Square

Chef/Owner Stephen Goyda has created a warm cozy country setting offering elevated classics such as their Cobb Salad, Union Burger and most recently their in-house Smoked Meat Sandwich, which is amazing. For a girl from Montreal that’s high praise! Check out their fresh apple fritters and don’t leave with out an ice cream cone for the kids. They also offer frozen meat pies and soups in their freezer section as well as lots of other goodies in the store. Read more about UNION MARKET SQUARE HERE and follow them on FACEBOOK for more information about their offerings.


Aberfoyle Mill

John Manolis and his team have set up a patio on the pretty grounds and are taking reservations. If you are a regular here you are familiar with their elevated classic menu and will appreciate being able to visit the restaurant again. Albeit outdoors. But it’s summer so it’s time to enjoy good food in the nice weather. Their soups are always a hit with me and they prepare salmon perfectly. And then there is the cheesecake…..need I say more? FOLLOW ABERFOYLE MILL ON FACEBOOK and treat yourself to a lovely meal.

The Village Restaurant

Here’s where you can get comfort home style Greek and Canadian food. Their Greek salad dressing is homemade and delicious. I couldn’t make it better myself. My Dad loves the meatloaf! They are offering their daily features which you will find on THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT FACEBOOK PAGE. Be sure to follow them to keep up to date.


Crieff Hills

Chef Damien is offering two delicious lunch options for takeout, available from Thursday to Saturday. Each lunch serves one adult, and a children’s option is available as well. Ingredients will vary slightly throughout the summer as we serve the freshest produce from our gardens. A clean and contactless payment and pickup will be set up at Maclean Hall. Picnic space must be reserved before arrival. Go to CRIEFF HILLS WEBSITE to find out more.

The Danish Place

When we were waiting for the real estate agents to do their thing negotiating the purchase of our house to be in Crieff we sauntered down the road and were delighted to find The Danish Place. We sat down and had a cold beer and treated ourselves to their Danish fare. What a find! They have now reopened for takeout and you will need the check out THE DANISH PLACE ON FACEBOOK to see what they have for takeouts and days they are open. Be sure to have the Danish meatballs!


A Change Of Pace Restaurant

Irene Collins Carr offers good homemade style comfort food. She posts on Facebook every day what’s on the menu and is now open for dinner takeout as well. You can also start your day with a yummy takeout breakfast which is our favourite because the Mennonite bacon is off the charts delicious! The restaurant has gone creative and you will find family dinner packages, picnic packages etc as well as posting “truckload” sales to buy their meats and fish in bulk. They have a patio open now as well! FOLLOW A CHANGE OF PACE RESTAURANT ON FACEBOOK to find out what’s new every day.

Envers Country Store and Takeout

Best friends Parth and Sam Patel launched the Mediterranean influenced takeout in Morriston just recently. Their signature dishes are pizza, fish and chips (AWESOME!) and shawarma. But there’s lots more on the menu to make the entire family happy. They now have ice cream available and you can enjoy all their takeout on their patio which is now open. Read more about ENVERS COUNTRY STORE AND TAKEOUT HERE and FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK for more information.

The Great Wall Restaurant

Bill and his family have been offering up Chinese Food in Morriston as long as I have lived here and most likely long before I showed up. It was the first place we had a meal in Puslinch as we moved into an empty house and had to wait for our appliances to arrive. It’s been our mainstay ever since. I always get the yummy Chinese dumplings! FOLLOW THE GREAT WALL RESTAURANT ON FACEBOOK for more information.


Old Marina Restaurant

They are famous for their burgers and I heard from many aficionados who have travelled far to enjoy the juicy cheesy wonderfulness. They are offering produce baskets as well as takeout. They have an outdoor seating area that you can make reservations for and it is pet friendly. Check out OLD MARINA RESTAURANT ON FACEBOOK for more information.