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Puslinch Native Matteo Furfaro Brings His Deep Dish Pizza Experience To Guelph

furfaro deep dish pizza, guelph, ontario
furfaro deep dish pizza, guelph, ontario

Puslinch native Matteo Furfaro is making a splash in the Guelph food scene by opening Guelph’s only deep dish pizza location, Casa Deep Dish Pizza! Casa is a made to order deep dish pizza location, operating out of a shared kitchen space at 42 Carden Street, right across the street from Guelph’s City Hall (make sure to pre-order your pie on casadeepdishpizza.ca!).

Each Casa Deep Dish Pizza is made using a culmination of Furfaro family recipes that have been passed down to Matteo through generations.

But how did Matteo come up with the idea to start a deep dish pizza restaurant?

Matteo is a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa, which is where the idea for Casa was formed during a conversation with one of his professors. His professor stated that there were no good places to get a deep dish pizza in Ottawa.

Matteo spent the following months after that conversation researching deep dish pizza, trying out recipes and techniques, and getting everyone he knew to try his creations until he had built the perfect deep dish pizza. That is when Casa Deep Dish Pizza was born!

After several attempts to find a location in Ottawa with no success, Matteo decided to take his business back home to Guelph. In his search for a kitchen space to operate his business, Matteo stumbled upon 10C, which is the shared kitchen space that Casa now calls home.

When Matteo made the decision to bring deep dish pizza to Guelph, he reached out to Guelph’s Summer Company program which is a grant and mentorship program for young entrepreneurs. This program has given Matteo financial support along with advice from industry professionals who continue to help him in his entrepreneurial journey.

Casa Deep Dish Pizza officially opened on the 16th of June and operates on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 9 PM and Saturdays from 5-9 PM. If you want a delicious handmade deep dish pizza made using local ingredients and family recipes for pickup or catering for any size and type of function, go to casadeepdishpizza.ca and follow @casadeepdishpizza on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn to get a Slice of Home!

furfaro deep dish pizza, guelph, ontario