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Drumlin Farm Chicken Workshop

The team at Drumlin Farm is at it again! Join them on Monday June 15, 2015 from 4 – 8pm for a workshop on Chicken Butchery, head to tail.

Drumlin Farm
Drumlin Farm

All workshop participants will be trained in how to break down a whole chicken carcass into its component parts, and how to use all of it, down to the bones. Participants who pay the full workshop fee will be provided with their own free-range, organic chicken raised at Drumlin Farm, which you’ll take home at the end of the night. The workshop will be facilitated by Red Seal chef and trained charcuterie specialist Nicholas Beaulieu, and will cover such topics as kitchen food safety, tool safety, and how to properly sharpen your knives.

Chef Nick will provide a comprehensive lesson on chicken anatomy and will train participants in the craft of how to deconstruct a whole bird. This is an invaluable skill that will allow you to be able to add value, and save money, when you buy your chickens. Participants will also learn how to make the perfect chicken stock so you can make use of all that every chicken has to offer. There will be recipes as well of course!


$80.00 (includes 1 organic chicken to take home, maximum 8)

$40.00 ( full participation, but no chicken to take home, maximum 6)

Location: DRUMLIN FARM, 4565 Watson Road South, RR1 Puslinch. N0B2J0



[email protected]

(519) 837 9485

Please confirm no later than Sunday, June 14th at noon.

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