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Inside The Fall Of A Family Restaurant – “It’s Heartbreaking”

via financialpost.com

The Danish Place and thousands of others like it have been in a downward spiral for months with the crisis only getting worse

Benny Beck and Anna Lewis behind the bar of their restaurant in Puslinch, Ont., in 2000, shortly after they took it over. PHOTO BY COURTESY OF KRISTINE MATHERS – via FinancialPost.com

Benny Beck and Anna Lewis cooked and catered at the Danish Place for nearly 20 years and stayed involved after the next generation of their family took over. But since the pandemic hit in March, the Danish Place, like thousands of other restaurants and bars in Canada, has been in a downward spiral.

The restaurant has not been able to run a large wedding, funeral or any big function. It hasn’t been anywhere close to capacity for lunch or dinner, either. And building a trade in takeout from a compound in the woods was never a viable option…

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